Friday, September 24, 2010

I won't wait forever

When U realize how much U LOVE ME
and can't live without me, I will be gone.
I know that she hurt U but that's not me.
What about me and how I feel?
I have loved U from day one,
I want to be your girl, your boo, your ride or die chick,
but I will not keep waiting.
U got a priceless diamond that is waiting for U to cherish it.
I LOVE U BOY and U to stupid to see that.
I won't wait forever...


NUNU EERA said...

love won't wait..

mizz greenApple said...

so x prlu tggu n teruskn mlangkah..
maybe ada s1 yg lbih baik sdg mnunggu di hdpn..
slmat btemu cinta yg sejati..

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